A hundred years from now, students of 21st Century history will learn that a major turning point in humanity’s cultural evolution came on January 9, 2007. That was the day the iPhone was introduced. You remember what life was like before the iPhone, don’t you? Back when people in the same room would actually talk

Fifteen years ago, my wife and I played a practical joke on our youngest son that succeeded brilliantly in spoiling his sixteenth birthday. Allie and I were hundreds of miles away at the time, signing the papers on a new home in Tennessee while Daniel completed his final week of classes at Fort Lauderdale Christian

There were two churches in the village where I spent my teenage years, one on Church Street and the other on Main Street.  To any tourist passing through our little town they would have looked almost identical, these modest wood-framed buildings with stained-glass windows and tin-clad steeples.  When the church bells clanged on Sunday mornings

A year passed, and the woman only grew more beautiful.  On the weekends when I came home from college, I always went to church to look for her, and on those occasions when I was asked to sing the offertory, I sang only for her.  I noticed that the handicapped women who followed her around

Still today, she loves to tell how her heart jumped the moment our eyes met, how she knew at that very instant that I’d come running to meet her the second the service was over.  That, of course, is precisely what I did.  Vaulting a couple of pews to get around the traffic in the

She arrived at our church on that first Sunday morning like a visitor from another planet, and from my very first glimpse of her, I was captivated.  But within hours of that first encounter I learned that she was unattainable.  Worse, she was off-limits, because in the Pentecostal church where we met, there were rules

Ordinary people fall in love, you know.  You may not read their stories in the gossip magazines while you’re waiting at the checkout — “JANICE OGLEFOOT MEETS PERFECT MAN AT MUFFLER SHOP” or “EUGENE TURDWEILER GOES BONKERS FOR MACDONALDS CUTIE” — but it happens. Every day, all around us, ordinary men and women are experiencing